iGLO LED Partial Car Wraps

iGlo LED Partial Car Wraps

Partial Car Wraps Dallas Fort Worth

iGLO LED is a local DFW business that gives you an alternate way to light up your world! They specialize in longer lasting, eco-friendly LED lighting for both residential and commercial needs. Not only is this company helping earth and it’s resources, but they’re making it possible for you to help too! The company colors were really used to their advantage in this Partial Car Wrap, the green color reminds potential clients that iGLO LED’s products are safe for the environment and “green”.

With multiple vehicles being wrapped by Zilla Wraps, Partial Car Wraps were a great way to go for iGlo LED. Partial wraps have a big impact on your target audience and you still get your message out loud and clear while saving money! Not only are partial or half wraps a great choice for companies that need multiple vehicles wrapped, but they’re also helpful for those who have small up and coming businesses. Installation time is reduced and less ink and vinyl is used.

Do you need to attract some serious attention? If you’re ready to give your business a look that will stop traffic, call us today at 817-310-8383!

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